[Frameworks] NYC folks: sulfuric acid for hand processing?

From: C Colvin (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 03 2010 - 15:51:27 PDT

Hey there NYC folks,

Does anyone have any sulfuric acid they'd be willing to sell/donate to some young filmmakers? Or any advice of where to buy it in person in NYC?

B&H isn't stocking the reversal kit we wanted anymore, so a small group including myself are using some instructions from Recipies for Disaster to hand process film. We've got everything we need (so far) except the sulfuric acid. If you happen to have any other chemicals you'd like taken off your hands, or any B&W film you'd like to hand-process with us, please feel free to email me directly. (Does anyone know what DuAll will be doing with all their equipment/supplies now that they won't be processing/printing film?)

Somewhat related, I'll be hosting a monthly film bee (also known in my book as potluck style open studio time or crafting with film). If anyone knows of any other groups in NYC doing the same thing, please introduce me so that we don't duplicate efforts.

All the best!

Connie Colvin


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