Re: [Frameworks] DVD Thermal Transfer Printer

From: Sandra Maliga (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Aug 01 2010 - 11:11:37 PDT

Yes, I agree. DVDs are over. And soon plastic credit cards will be
gone too in favor of using your mobile phone to pay for stuff.

On Jul 31, 2010, at 5:41 PM, Brook Hinton wrote:

> Ken, another option is to have someplace like Diskmakers print up
> blank DVD-Rs with the artwork already on them. Just go to their short
> run link (or whatever its called now) and there will be an option to
> print on disks without duplicating the video in their custom quote
> generator. Saves a lot of time.
> I got really really sick of the rigamarole involve with printing
> direct on disk with my epson inkjet, and of the waiting. I went back
> to sharpies.
> But I pretty much only send out screeners to people who ask directly
> for them these days, and try to encourage the rest to let me send them
> a URL to preview on the web, unless its a really major piece (and I
> haven't done anything that meets my standards for that in a while). I.
> Hate. DVDs. And the size of the landfill they end up in.
> Brook Hinton

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