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Date: Mon Jul 19 2010 - 18:23:59 PDT

She makes an interesting point. Does film have a future?

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Linda, I think your response to Doug was very supportive, except the part about
film being a "sinking ship". Keep shooting Doug, Davey Jones has a projector.
Also, if Doug doesn't want your toners than I would be very appreciative of
them. Thanks.

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>Hi Doug,
>If you're interested in watching Bruce Baillie films and seeing as you're in the
>somewhat vicinity--there's a screening of his video works happening at the Echo
>Park Film Center, Aug 14th (will post event details on this once I've finalized
>them for reading framework-ers in the LA area.) You mentioned the lack of
>transportation, but i believe there are some very quick and cheap Amtrack routes
>from oxnard to los angeles.
>UBU is also a great resource for more exposure to personal cinema works if you
>haven't already discovered it.
>I've found you can also watch certain pieces on the Lightcone website--some
>extracts, some complete.
>I may have some berg toners/chemical supplies you might put to good use. If
>you'd like I can mail them your way.
>your passion for celluloid is admirable, but the art form is already a sinking
>ship--i don't recommend going under yourself financially over it (though that
>advice may seemingly be too late.) try applying to art grants for backing (maybe
>others can direct you for links with this being as its not my expertise) or
>building a community to help with equipment/filmstock donations (..step one,
>good luck in all your filmic endeavors and apologies for those who've been rude
>to you.
>"..all part of THE ONE PROJECT, the One Person we are, all of us ... "in this
>crazy mixed up world" (Bogey) " --bruceB
>amor, linda
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>> Subject: [Frameworks] Letter to other Filmmaker Artists
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>> Date: Monday, July 19, 2010, 11:59 AM
>> Short intro: My name is Doug, I'm 29, I'm
>> dedicated to photo-chemical cinema as a personal visual
>> non-story art form. Like most of us here, I have had to
>> struggle and sacrifice to be a filmmmaker. To
>> complete my 8-minute 16mm movie "PALMS", I made it
>> virtually alone, for almost 3 years, at the cost of around
>> ten thousand dollars for which I am still in debt over. I
>> want other pure cinema enthusiasts like myself to be
>> able to see my 16mm print projected on the big screen the
>> right way. And I want to be able to continue to make
>> more 16mm non-commercial purely cinematic movies,
>> like my current uncompleted b/w film
>> "7222".
>> I finished "PALMS" in August of last year
>> and since then(except for the great filmmaker and Canyon
>> Cinema director Dominic Angerame who gave me a great review,
>> and for Don Yannacito's gracious review) , I
>> have received no support from other abstract/poetic
>> filmmakers or avant-garde programmers. They have been either
>> rude to me or just non-responsive.
>> The festival situation seems very bleak to me and last
>> year I did not have any money to afford submissions to
>> anything except TIE. I have not been
>> able to get a job working at any avant-garde film
>> organization or institution which I would love to do because
>> I care deeply for the cause of cinema as a personal art form
>> that great artist heroes of mine like Stan Brakhage and Maya
>> Deren championed and I care for the preservation and
>> exhibition of other filmmakers' work, especially
>> celluloid prints. Any money I would make would mostly be put
>> right back into our cause anyway: buying film stock and
>> making my movies, renting other filmmakers' prints,
>> buying film artists' DVDs, and attending
>> underground film screenings,
>> festivals etc.
>> I would like to reach out to
>> Anyone out there who would :
>> 1) be willing to watch my movie -
>> please feel free to email me or call me and I will mail you
>> a DVD or even my film print(when i get a job and can
>> afford to)
>> 2) Anyone who can offer to
>> screen my print at any kind of venue
>> 3) Anyone who might even
>> remotely be able to help me get a
>> job
>> 4) Anyone who could send me any
>> DVDs of obscure non-commercial filmmaker's work,
>> especially photo-chemical movies
>> Right now I am living for free with my Grandma, i
>> don't have a car, I'm desperately trying my
>> best everyday to get any kind of job and save up about 1,100
>> dollars so i can move to Boulder, CO and enjoy the great
>> film and arts community that Stan Brakhage left behind. I
>> want to work out there and attend the Film Studies program
>> and continue to make my films, with an eye to maybe
>> becoming a TA and then a film professor someday. I
>> don't know of any other way to make a dependable living
>> doing something I care about, finance my own work, help
>> other filmmakers with theirs and help their films to be
>> shown, and most importantly, have the film projection
>> facilities and film library necessary
>> to enjoy all the thousands of
>> non-commercial movies that I am so passionate about
>> seeing - Will Hindle, Bruce Baillie, Scott Bartlett, Ed
>> Emshwiller, Andrew Noren, Phil Solomon, Jack Chambers,
>> Timoleon Wilkins, Jim
>> Davis, Germaine Dulac, more of Brakhage and more of Norman
>> McLaren et cetera into infinity.
>> Any help or any words of personal life experience that
>> any filmmakers here would like to share with me would be
>> immensely appreciated.
>> Sincerely
>> Douglas
>> Graves
>> 2400 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
>> #4
>> Oxnard, CA 93033
>> 702-580-4293
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