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From: Matt Helme (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 19 2010 - 18:16:21 PDT

My point was just because it's been done does not make it any less experimental.
Someone( i forgot who at this pint) said "Dont Look Back" was not 'Experimental"
because it's been done before.
P.S. very few things have not been done before.

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Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Experimental Documentary

Yes, I agree, if you define it in this way. But that didn't seem to
be what was suggested by the term in earlier posts. An experiment
that later "becomes conventional" (as someone was saying) is not the
sort of experiment -- or the meaning of such -- that you refer to
here. But perhaps that was Matt's point also.


On 19-Jul-10, at 10:53 AM, Sam Wells wrote:

> Marlyn:
> It would not become an outdated "experiment," thus.
> A real experiment is never outdated.
> Its implications reveal themselves as they unfold over time; this is
> in the most literal sense Holonomic.
> -Sam

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