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From: Rory Brosius (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 19 2010 - 12:12:59 PDT

Your inquiry has sparked a rather remarkable thread. I am wondering if you are teaching this course from a purely theoretical perspective, or if you are incorporating a bit of production into the fold? Will you have your students create any work? Will you have them experience specific processes hands on? With regards to a "genre" description of "experimental", I do agree that one does think of certain working methods nowadays (i.e. scratching, painting, altering technology, etc.). Regardless, you cannot teach this subject without incorporating a "history of" approach and in fact include this labeling of "experimental" as a hinge-point for theoretical based discussion. What is now a style or common practice was not always so. As Marilyn Brakhage had said earlier, Stan Brakhage never considered himself an "experimental" filmmaker but rather an artist. Yet, you cannot deny his influence or relevance in this realm of filmmaking. I suppose you have to decide how to thread your course and what you feel is the best way to bring your students into this mode of expression.
That being said, I recommend the following viewing options:
A Cooperation of Parts: Daniel Eisenberg
Secret History of the Dividing Line, A True Account in Nine Parts: David Gatten(Parts 1-4 are complete)
Confederation Park: Bill Brown
Meal: Cathy Crane & Sarah Lewison
American Dreams: James Benning
Jerry's: Tom Palazzolo
Under Foot & Overstory: Jason Livingston
In Order Not to Be Here: Deborah Stratman
You Don't Bring Me Flowers: Michael Robinson
The Snowman: Phil Solomon
The Birdpeople: Michael Gitlin
I also have been working on a four part "experimental-doc" series entitled "The Earth Creates Two Notes". I would gladly send you any work or information if you were interested.
Part 2: Kingsbury Run
Part 3: On the Geological Succession of Organic Beings

Best of luck!
Rory Brosius

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Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 14:52:50 +0000
Subject: [Frameworks] experimental documentary

Hello all,
I am looking for recommendations for a class I am going to teach this fall. Specifically, I would like to know about books or texts of any kind on the general subject of experimental documentary. I would also like recommendations for specific films/videos and/or makers to consider.
I am aware of the recent issue of JumpCut and issues of Millennium Film Journal on this topic but I welcome any other suggestions.
A brief list of just a few makers I have been thinking about include Ernie Gehr, Su Friedrich, Bill Brown, Sharon Lockhart, Chi Jang Yin, Deborah Stratman, David Ellsworth, Kevin Everson, Harun Farocki, and Lynn Sachs.
Thanks in advance.
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