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It's as mainstream to documentary as L'age D'or is to the feature film. Also compare it to Misčre au Borinage by Joris Ivens & Henri Storck.

The relationship between experimental and political is pertinent here.
As is the personal and the poetic.

And Rudy Burckhardt, Jean Painlevé, Fred Wiseman and everything by Joris Ivens, Dziga Vertov...

Coal Face
Nightmail and others from the GPO film unit
plus various other British films from the 30s, (compiled on "Before Hindsight" Jonathon Lewis & Elizabeth Taylor-Mead 1977. see "Traditions of Independence" Ed Don Macpherson 1980 (BFI, London) and "Deadly Parallels" Bert Hogenhamp 1986 (Lawrence & Wishart, London)


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Land Without Bred seems rather mainstream, what do we mean by experimental. What about Kubelka? "Our Trip to Africa". An most work by Mekas.

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Errol Morris' "The Thin Blue Line"
Wiseman's "Titicut Follies"
Shirley Clarke & Willard Van Dyke's "Skyscraper"
Clarke's "The Connection"


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Frampton's "Magellan: At the Gates of Death"
Bunuel's "Las Hurdes: Land Without Bread"
Manny Kirchheimer's "Claw "
Marjorie Keller's "Misconception"

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Joris Ivens - Rain Walter Ruttmann - Berlin
Maya deren - Meditation on Violence
Brakhage - Sirius Remembered, Window Water Baby Moving...
Hollis Frampton - 9nostalgia0
Chris Marker - Sand Soleil
Craig Baldwin - Sonic Outlaws
Peter Hutton - Skagafjordur
Jem Cohen - Little Flags, Lost Book Found

A note of caution: when 'experimental' makers point their cameras at 'real people in the real world' they sometimes reveal an extraordinary naivete about the socio-political 'loadedness' of the subjects at hand: c.f. I would avoid Naomi Uman's 'Leche' and 'Mala Leche' like the plague.

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