Re: [Frameworks] super8 telecine - with cinelab?

From: Dave Andrae (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 12 2010 - 08:03:50 PDT

It's not my intention to beat a dead horse, but while doing a standard
definition transfer CineLab scratched my footage - not all of it, mind you,
but enough that at least two or three crucial takes were marred.

I didn't notice the damage until a few months after the fact, while I was
inspecting the film on my Goko moviola (in preparation for getting portions
of it scanned by Pro8mm).

The scratch ran between two rolls, so I know it was CineLab's doing and not
caused by my SU-60-E (up to that point no one but CineLab had handled the

Thankfully, I ended up being able to work around the damage, and the film I
was working on turned out to be pretty good ( you can read about it here: ), but it was definitely a kick in the balls
at the time.

As for getting your film scanned in HD, I think it's worth the money--you
get what you pay for.

A lot of money can be saved though if you know ahead of time what you're
going to use and go through the trouble of splicing together exactly what
you need and nothing more.

The nice thing about Pro8mm's machine is that it doesn't touch the film's
emulsion at any point in the scanning process, and a progressive scan at
1080 looks quite nice.

As for getting 4:3 footage scanned in 16:9, you could always blow it up, but
personally I don't mind the look of pillar boxes, and most viewers won't
notice them once your film is underway.



On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 9:26 AM, Serge Levchin <email suppressed> wrote:

> hello list,
> i know this question comes up every so often - and there was a discussion
> here not too long ago about some of the better options for transferring
> super8 to video.
> places like pro8mm have been recommended. pro8mm's rates for SD transfer
> are fairly reasonable, but HD is 4 times the price. ($825 for 500ft. of
> film).
> CineLab appears to offer 1080p HD transfers at .37/ft (scene to scene color
> corr.) - i.e. $185 for 500ft. of film.
> - has anyone tried CineLab for HD or SD telecine?
> - is the image quality of a Millennium2 or Ursa Diamond Y-front telecine
> (Pro8mm) that much greater than a Rank Cintel transfer (CineLab)?
> - does HD telecine make sense for super8 (especially considering there is
> an aspect ratio mismatch)?
> thanks and best regards,
> serge
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