[Frameworks] super8 telecine - with cinelab?

From: Serge Levchin (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 12 2010 - 06:26:04 PDT

hello list,
i know this question comes up every so often - and there was a discussion
here not too long ago about some of the better options for transferring
super8 to video.
places like pro8mm have been recommended. pro8mm's rates for SD transfer are
fairly reasonable, but HD is 4 times the price. ($825 for 500ft. of film).
CineLab appears to offer 1080p HD transfers at .37/ft (scene to scene color
corr.) - i.e. $185 for 500ft. of film.

- has anyone tried CineLab for HD or SD telecine?
- is the image quality of a Millennium2 or Ursa Diamond Y-front telecine
(Pro8mm) that much greater than a Rank Cintel transfer (CineLab)?
- does HD telecine make sense for super8 (especially considering there is an
aspect ratio mismatch)?

thanks and best regards,

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