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From: Shelly Silver (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 06 2010 - 11:07:19 PDT

a nice quote from flaubert's letters...

Are we idiots, perhaps? Maybe so, but it is not up to us to say it,
still less to believe it. However, we should by now have finished
with our migraines and our failures of nerve... Fear of bad taste
engulfs us like a fog (a dirty December fog that suddenly appears,
freezes your guts, stinks, and stings your eyes), not daring to
advance. Don't you realize how captious we are becoming, that we have
our own poetics, our own ready‑made ideas, our own rules?... What we
lack is daring. With our scruples we resemble those poor believers
who daren't live for fear of hell and who wake their confessor early
in the morning to unburden their consciences of having had a
miscarriage in a dream. Let's worry less about results. The thing is
to keep fucking, keep fucking: who cares what child the muse will
give birth to? Isn't the purest pleasure in her embraces?

unfortunately, after embraces comes the quagmire of distribution.
bringing up baby.


> Ask yourself, not, should my films be recognized because I'm a younger
> filmmaker who is not yet recognized, but rather, am I making genuinely
> original cinema of high quality, work that offers the viewers new and
> complex experiences in time? Sorry to say, not every film that gets
> made, even if it was worked on hard, is deserving of most viewers'
> time. Making superb work, pushing beyond what has been done before,
> that is the real struggle.
> Fred Camper
> Chicago
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