Re: student work and lab regs follow-up

From: David Woods (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 04 2010 - 01:58:13 PDT

Ms. Hawkins of IU wrote:

" .... the 40 minute silent long take of a young woman (fully clothed) who
perused many books on book store shelves and found absolutely nothing she
wanted to read ..."

which left me gasping with joy and wonderment, that film education still
supports such voluminous projects, as embodied by the 40 minute take; and
then I found myself wondering what magazine holds 40 minutes of footage
which is way more than the 1000', the biggest 16mm mag I knew of. And then
I wondered how the film manages to discern that the character finds nothing
that she "want (s) to read". And then I wondered fearfully or resignedly
if the tyranny of the visual had progressed to obliterate any potential for
the literate. And for a while I wondered at the magnificent sustained
ability to act with gesture for all those unrelieved minutes. And then I
wondered if I'd ever get to make that neat film which has hovered and nagged
at my heart and head since that visit to Middleton .... Oh, no, that was
Ohio not Indiana. Well, there's my TAKE on it.

Dr. David Woods

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