student work and lab regs follow-up

From: Joan Hawkins (email suppressed)
Date: Mon May 03 2010 - 13:32:52 PDT

Hi all- just a quick word of thanks to everyone who sent advice and names of
labs. My student, whose work was processed but not printed by Yale Labs, did
get another
lab to print the footage, and edited it into a pretty good film. Lots of
nods to Kurt Kren and there
was a special thanks to Vivienne Dick and Nick Zedd- both of whom were
referenced in/by the work. The film
was very tame--and caused the audience far less consternation than the 40
minute silent long take of a young
woman (fully clothed) who perused many books on book store shelves and found
absolutely nothing she wanted to read.

At any rate, thanks again to you all for your support and suggestions.


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