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Dear Chuck or anyone else on the listserve,


The link below to the Deleuze course clips and notes doesn't lead to the
USC site but to the Center for Social Media site and a rather inaccurate
account of the current UCLA case. Could anyone supply the proper link?


By the way, as someone quite familiar with that case, the use of clips
such as in the Deleuze course under the Fair Use doctrine is not at
issue in the UCLA dispute. One crucial issue is UCLA's contention in
their brief that they may include entire films in course management
systems under Fair Use because it constitutes an educational and
therefore transformative use. The absurdity of this position becomes
apparent if transferred from media to print. (Most academics, I have
found, have a "printist" bias, dismissing media as "entertainment"
rather than serious "artistic" or "scholarly" work like their own. The
one discourse never "privileged" but always "entitled" is our own.) What
scholar would ever include an entire textbook or monograph in his or her
course management software and claim it was a fair use? UCLA is arguing,
in effect, that a faculty member can rent a DVD from Netflix or tape it
off-air or download it from some pirate file-sharing site, rip it and
then stream it to hundreds of students each semester as a form of
"citation." They base this claim on the fact that the film is being used
for "education." They would never think of making a similar claim for
free use of books, union labor (especially AAUP labor), electricity,
internet access or football uniforms.


The UCLA case needs to be understood in its larger political context -
the budget crisis in California; UCLA is a stalking horse for the
Governor and Regents. Just as the state is cutting back teachers' pay
and students' classes, they are trying to cut back producers' royalties.
The fact is that California is last in per student expenditures among
the states; unless that issue is addressed (and the anti-tax, anti-big
government hysteria in the state) talk of "fair use" and "Free" content
simply fronts for the devaluation of intellectual labor and reinforces
Free market ideology, the argument that anything the Free market won't
pay for shouldn't be paid for by public expenditures.


I apologize to Frameworkers for using a simple request for a url as a
platform for this somewhat parochial fracas. But it's important that the
point of view of many independent producers and their distributors also
gets aired.


Larry Daressa


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        Back in the late 80s/early 90s I remember an outfit that was
trying to do some of this kind of thing by connecting Mac computers with
lasterdisks. Maybe it was even Criterion in the pre-DVD era.



        The Center for Social Media has been on top of fair use issues,
like this:


        Critical Commons: Deleuze and Culture

         This month's creative example of using fair use for cultural
studies, from Critical Commons: French philosopher Gilles Deleuze has
been a favorite of film scholars and cultural theorist for decades, but
now you can explore many of the film clips that Deleuze analyzes in his
classic texts Cinema 1: The Movement Image and Cinema 2: The Time Image.
Kara Keeling, of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, used Critical Commons
to post movie clips and commentaries as part of her Deleuze and Culture
class last fall and has now opened the discussion up to Deleuzians and
cinephiles worldwide. View the clips and read commentaries here.




        Chuck Kleinhans


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