Scott Bartlett

From: scott nyerges (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Apr 05 2010 - 07:27:22 PDT

Hi Frameworkers:

Twenty years ago, the gifted experimental filmmaker Scott Bartlett died at age 47. Films like "Serpent" and "Lovemaking" were remarkable for their poetic imagery, and his groundbreaking "Off/On" anticipated the merging of film and video that is now so commonplace. When I was a film student, Bartlett's work was a huge influence, and I still find inspiration in his films, which are too rarely seen these days.

To honor Scott, I recently completed a short video, "Filmpiece for Bartlett," which I'll be premiering on April 14 at SUNY-Purchase in New York. You can preview the video on my website:


Scott Nyerges

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