Re: Introduction and a question

From: David Woods (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 02 2010 - 07:09:13 PDT

Pete, baby!


Heck, I must have some odd rolls / short ends / whatnot of 35mm clear stock,
along with a lifetime's "hording lest they come" of such things.

I know I've got short rolls of 35mm audio with one mag stripe and a balance
stripe with lots of clear base between (and with this you could scratch on
the mag and paint on the clear, the two marks perhaps echoing or opposing
each other ... heck, you could....


If you cover the post, and if I find it, and if you use an appropriate
typographic form in the screen-wide acknowledgement, which my lawyers will
be sending yours in due course, and if you don't hear anything from me feel
free to remind me of this unusual moment of philanthropicalistical intent,
I'm sure I may be able to locate / send U something.


And to think I was in Nottingham last weekend ... well on its outskirts ...
at the Clifton Campus of U. Nott. doing a reading of selected extracts from
my monster novel to the AGM of the Robert Bloomfield Society. They liked
it. Now I just need a publisher to do likewise. Anyway, I'll go loo ...
at some point ... soon ... ish.


Caroline Leaf kindly showed me exactly how she worked with 70mm specially
exposed / processed colour print stock for TWO SISTERS wherein that
memorable luminous green matched the assured line and eloquent writing ...
oopst! A second reference to narrative. If I'm not careful I'll be
voted-off FRAMEWORKS by a mass hysteria I could have avoided. Aw Shucks!
That was when I was at Emerson and she at Harvard ... the locations say it
all. She kindly came to see my BABY HOME at the Museum of Fine Art and
said it would influence her painting, which had progressed to black and
white by then. Film's loss.


This has been a Holcus Effect presentation. You may have been warmed!


Dr. David Woods

MD Holcus Ltd


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You could try getting some Clear 35mm spacing from PEC. Acetate might take
ink better than polyester.
It's quite pricey though and you could spend your whole life geting through
1000' They sell special animation 16mm I dont know why they don't seem to
have it in 35mm.
Jack Roe (who suppy cinemas) will probably sell you some mylar leader with
frame lines in a shorter length for less money.
We do some stuff like this out of our lab in Newcastle but not much and not
very scientifically so i'm not sure what help i'd be. I'm happy to have a
chat though if you need. send me an email off list.



On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 10:00 PM, lj frezza <email suppressed> wrote:

well, there's a great book called "recipes for disaster" with a section on
cameraless animation.

i've tried it out (not really my thing, though) and just using india ink on
clear leader works just fine for me - is that the sort of thing you're
thinking about?



On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 1:00 PM, pete mcpartlan <email suppressed>

Hello Frameworks people,

I'm an artist based in Nottingham in the UK working mostly with video and
drawing, I'm new to the list, thought I'd say "hello". Hello.

Also I'm in need of a little help. For a while now I've been making these
long drawings - as a deliberate reference to film, making reels of receipt
paper drawings etc. (See drawIslands() and Long Drawings on my website
(below)) Anyway, I've decided I really want to start working with ink on
film and I'm a bit lost, I found a nice pamphlet by Norman McLaren about
setting up a rig to work with cameraless animation, which has given me a lot
of food for thought. I know from the type of drawings I do that I want to
work with 35mm. But when it comes to the actual material - no matter how
much I stare at the various suppliers lists of different types of leader I
don't seem to get anywhere. And I don't want to commit a load of
(non-existent) money to something that might not work.

Is there anyone out there that might be able to give me some advice on where
to start, books or sites that might help? Or better yet someone who works in
a similar way that would let me either visit their studio or would be up for
having a chat. Or advice on places that might give me a few feet of off-cuts
to test things out? - I just want to be able to play around but have hit a
bit of a wall.



Pete McPartlan
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