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Date: Wed Mar 31 2010 - 16:36:57 PDT

Thanks Peter,
These are very interesting and helpful.
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> Gene
> By coincidence, I just came across this today: a hypertextual analysis
> of the 'You were meant for me sequence from Singing in the Rain:
> Adrian Miles who did this has written about using Storyspace for film
> analysis:
> Bob Stein's now defunct Night Kitchen produced a work on the making of
> Robert Gardner's Dead Birds using TK3, the ancestor of Sophie (a project
> now hosted by the Institute for the Future of the Book) which operated
> like a multimedia CD-ROM, including film clips, etc.. But I'm not sure
> how you would now go about finding a copy of that: you might contact the
> Sophie team at IFB and see if they have anything in their archives:
> Peter
> Gene Youngblood wrote:
>> Frameworkers,
>> Is anyone aware of a film criticism (or film analysis) website where
>> text is augmented with links to clips that illustrate the text. You
>> are reading an online analysis of Potemkin. Click on the word
>> "montage" and it shows you the sequence that is being analyzed. You
>> can repeat the clip, slow it down, freeze it, zoom in on a detail.
>> Alternatively, are there DVDs that do this, either interactively or as
>> a fixed mode of analysis and explication? The professor is lecturing
>> in a classroom, or the critic is featured in a documentary, and their
>> voices carry over clips of what they're talking about, with the same
>> possibilites of repeat, slow, freeze and detail.
>> It would be nice, for example, if Criterion's Brakhage releases
>> featured someone like Fred Camper analyzing Stan's complex phrasings,
>> rhymes, etc. in this manner.
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