The Book of the Film (?) -- Brakhage

From: Jacob W. (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 24 2010 - 11:32:30 PDT

  In Sitney's Eyes Upside Down he briefly writes about the evolution of Brakhage's planned The Book of the Film, particularly about a shift in a 1989-(ish?) catalog in which the films previously thought to be part of the aforementioned compendium (Scenes...,Weir-Falcon, Songs, Sincerity/Duplicity, etc.) were grouped under the new title The Book of Family. The Book of (the) Film was then used for a compendium including The Art of Vision, The Romans/Arabics/ Egyptians, Visions in Meditation and "future work". Does anybody know if this new incarnation was explicated elsewhere (either at the time or later down the road) and/or if further titles were added? Thanks.


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