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Date: Wed Mar 24 2010 - 15:43:46 PDT

YOUR FILM AND THE LAB, by err err , forgotten, but Focal Press I suspect,
tho' way out of date will still help you envision what you need to achieve
what you desire.
Dr. D, MD Holcus Ltd, Hull UK

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Hello Luke,

It depends if your using hold (black) or burn in (white) titles. In
any cases though you need to do matte for your text and perform an
invisible dissolve so that your title appear smoothly over your image.
You should definitely avoid the compensation technique for
superimposition because you will only get a blend of the two elements.
In the case of black titles you just need to have a positive matte
(black letters on clear background) that you will bi-pack with the
original to put titles on. In case of white titles you need to run
your original (half exposed) with a positive matte (black titles on
white background) rewind and then run it again bi-packed with it's
negative (white letters on black background) by fading in and out this
latter one.

Hope you will get something out of it!


On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 3:30 PM, Luke Black <email suppressed> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using an optical printer to print a series of titles over images on
> and I haven't been having much success.
> I've run some tests wherein I used the rule of stopping down when layering
> images onto the 16 but it hasn't been very successful.
> So far my best result has been eyeballing the title and opening up the
> aperture two stops beyond the stop down rule.
> Still the title isn't really coming through clearly.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a clear, crisp title over an
> image using the optical printer?
> -Luke
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