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I reveiwed some of this work in an Issue of Undercut magazine, number
10/11, 1983, which was reprinted in the Undercut Reader (2002). Derek
Jarman was also showing Super 8 around this time and earlier, and
these people all knew each other and showed together. Most of them
made music videos and Jarman and Maybury features too. Wyn Evans has a
highly successful career as an artist working with light projections
and sculpture etc.

Another wonderful Super 8 filmmaker, not connected to the New
Romantics, was Margaret Raspe, who made many films from the 1970s
onwards, using a small camera attached to a helmet that she wore to
film herself doing domestic chores, automatic drawings and other

What's equally interesting now is that we are currently experiencing a
second (or third or fourth?) resurgence of Super 8 activity with Helga
Fanderl, Milena Gierke and others, as well as the commercial support
of the medium by Kodak, Andec, Soho Film Lab and others. Steve Chivers
was also an amazing technician who perfected ways of working with
Super 8 that overcame the difficulties of editing and the visibility
of splice marks etc.

Nicky Hamlyn.

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> Hi. I recently read Michael O'Pray's “The British Avant-Garde and
> Art Cinema from the 1970s to the 1990s” (1996) in which he mentions
> filmmakers Cerith Wyn Evans and John Maybury along with Michael
> Kostiff, Steve Chivers, and the installation artist Holly Warburton
> as part of a New Romantic avant-garde movement in film. I'm very
> well acquainted with New Romantic music but had no clue film was a
> part of whatever extent it was. From O'Pray's descriptions,
> it seems there were definite affinities, esp. considering some of
> the above moved into music video.
> Has anyone seen these films? Thoughts? Who rents them? DVD plans?
> Kevin John Bozelka
> Sunny (then rainy, then sunny) Austin
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