Re: Cerith Wyn Evans and John Maybury?? New Romantic Brit a-g

From: L G Thomas (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 10 2010 - 23:42:25 PST

I think Michael O'Pray coined the term some time around 1985, and though it's surely more than co-incidence, for film and music, they are separate things. And I'm pretty sure it was coined after the event, and wasn't a term those artists had used themselves

Maybury and Wyn Evans were at St Martin's at the very end of the 70s; London was a smaller town in those days, and everyone went to the Blitz club, or at least joined the queue, and were mates with Bowery, and took part in The Alternative Miss World in 1979. Steve Strange's band Visage formed in 1978, and Ultravox's Vienna came out in 1980 - so NR (music) had peaked by the time NR (film) got (substantially) going.

(While the New Romantics (club/music) scene was in part a reaction to Punk, and similarly quickly became a "mainstream pop fashion", I say it certainly began as something emphatically radical. Though watching the video for Ultravox's Vienna - the seminal New Romantics (music) film - it might be hard to believe.

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