Re: Research question

From: Tom B Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 10:52:29 PST

In the late 1970's the London Filmmakers Cooperative used an image of a
bloody bandaged mp film camera as a logo or symbol. It seemed to place
"avant-garde" back in the battlefield where the term originated.
"Difficult?" Yes, the bloody cutting edge, in every way. All the more
interesting in that this was well before the widespread use of video -
analog film was the dominant medium (although the 16mm format, used at the
Coop and by artists everywhere, was "substandard.") Now in the digital age
it is commonplace to think of film as problematic and antiquated
(scratches on the image, etc) but back then? I know I saw it in 1979,
maybe someone in London can give an update (even though the LFMC no longer
exists as such.) So now I am curious - did that camera ever get out of the

Also,, the film "Scotch Tape," the title draws attention to the

        - Whiteside Durham NC

>I'm looking for references by experimental filmmakers to the "difficulty"
of working with film (I mean film film, not video). These can include
>references to any of the following: the clunky, obstinate, mechanical
nature of film, the way film materials potentially thwart the aims of the

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