Re: Written texts in experimental film

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 18 2010 - 01:21:10 PST

Glad someone mentioned Robert Nelson's Hauling Toto Big, fantastic to know that some people have seen that one - it hasn't gotten around very much, and I really think it's one of his masterworks.

I also heartily second Deborah Stratman's From Hetty to Nancy, which is really excellent. And Joyce Wieland's work is well worth including.

Some other stuff off the top of the head in no particular order:
Boobs a Lot (Leonard Ellis)
Now, You Can Do Anything (Fred Worden & Chris Langdon)
Thin Premises (Chris Langdon)
Picasso (Chris Langdon)
World Trade Alphabet (Donna Cameron)
NewsW (Donna Cameron)
Gloria (Hollis Frampton)
Future Perfect (Roberta Friedman & Grahame Weinbren)
After Ten Minutes Lines (Roberta Friedman)
Under the Sea (Paul Glabicki)
29: Merci Merci (Will Hindle)
Finds of the Fortnight (Larry Jordan)
Roswell (Bill Brown)
Tank (Hans Michaud)
37-73 (Richard Myers)
Floorshow (Richard Myers)
Anemic Cinema (Marcel Duchamp)
Three Colloquies on Media Art (Will Baker)
The General Returns From One Place to Another (Michael Robinson)
White Calligraphy (Takahiko Iimura)
I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art (John Baldessari)
Trypps #5 (Ben Russell)
By Night With Torch and Spear (and various others) (Joseph Cornell)
American Dreams (James Benning)
Suite California Stops & Passes parts 1 and 2 (Robert Nelson)
More (Robert Nelson)
SpiritMatters (Peter Rose)
Pressures of the Text (Peter Rose)
Word Movie (Paul Sharits)
Chronicles of a Lying Spirit by Kelly Gabron (Cauleen Smith)
Miss Jesus Fries on Grill (Dorothy Wiley)
anything by Lawrence Weiner
How the Hell I Ripped Jack Goldstein's Painting in the Elevator (Fred Worden)
Water & Power (Pat O'Neill)
Projection Instructions (Morgan Fisher)
What’s Wrong With This Picture part 2 (Owen Land)
On the Marriage Broker Joke... (Owen Land)
Wide Angle Saxon (Owen Land)
Remedial Reading Comprehension (Owen Land)
Dialogues (Owen Land)

-Mark T

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> From: Kim Knowles <email suppressed>
> Subject: [FRAMEWORKS] Written texts in experimental film
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> Date: Sunday, January 17, 2010, 8:34 AM
> Dear Frameworkers,
> I'm doing some research into written text in
> experimental film and wondered if anyone had any suggestions
> of relevant works. The research is part of a project
> exploring cognitive responses to hybrid works of art
> combining text and image. I'm looking at films such as
> Peter Rose's 'Secondary Currents', Michael
> Snow's 'So Is This' and Hollis Frampton's
> 'Zorns Lemma'. I'd really appreciate any ideas
> on this, particularly in relation to contemporary practice.
> Is anyone currently working in this area? 
> Many thanks!
> Kim Knowles
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