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From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 13:39:05 PST

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oh one more comment....
going to the dean to complain that you have to read books? How
ridiculous...isn't the point of university to learn? to read?? i considered myself
quite lucky to be able to be in school....of course it is all with student
loans. there are other more important things to be complaining to the dean


To be fair, I'm wondering if maybe they are complaining about the SOLE use
of books in these classes, and the neglect of other resources.
It's always been like pulling teeth to get students to read-- this is
nothing new. What IS new is the automatic hostility and derision towards the
printed word. In the old days, kids wouldn't read but they all felt guilty
about it-- they knew books were good. Now it seems that many of them are smug
about their ignorance.
Without books, of course, filmmakers have little knowledge of, as Pauline
Kael once put it during a lecture in L.A., the great "possibility of
things," which is why they remain bad filmmakers full of even worse ideas.
Jim C.

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