looking for good intro text

From: Bernard Roddy (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 03 2009 - 19:25:44 PST

Greetings, frameworkers:

Can anyone think of an introductory text that combines a history of experimental film and video IN THE U.S. with a strong discussion of the history of artists' organizing, writing, and distribution IN THE US?

For Great Britain there's David Curtis' A History of Artists' Film and Video in Britain. This has the distinct advantage of combining film and video art criticism with strong (and introductory) writing about the social history behind production, distribution, and critical reception. It includes discussion of "little magazines," the "schooling" of film artists, institutional support for artists' work in film such as the Experimental Film Fund and the Arts Council, as well as issues motivating and confronting artists' organizations like the London Filmmakers' Co-op.

I'd love to find something like this for the U.S. It would include a history of things like Canyon Cinema and the Film-Makers' Co-op, Cinema 16 and Anthology Film Archives, in addition to offering a critical context for student work.

Thanks in advance.



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