Double Feature: Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Screening in Helsinki and Turku

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 07:04:26 PST

double feature
"Slow Space " and
"Stadtrandzone Mitte"

Video Screening

05.12.2009, 18:00 - 21:00
at Kaapelin Galleria - Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

07.12.2009, 19:00
at Bar Kuka, Turku, Finland

08.12.2009, 19:00
at Saari Foundation, Turku, Finland

Slow Space. 2006. 72min. 16mm
Slow Space takes the viewer on a visual trip
through places of glass architecture in filmed
entirely within the urban constructed environment
of Chicago. Slow Space is a visually arresting
investigation into how space is described,
defined and ultimately experienced. The filmmaker
commutes this relationship with the outside
'world' via an array of constructed
transparencies in the glass domes and atriums
that formed so much of architecture's modernist
preoccupation for a constructed inside/outside

Center of Urban Periphery. ("Stadtrandzone Mitte") 2005. 43min. Video.
"What is public space today?" The filmmaker poses
this question at the beginning of his research
with reference to the city of Hannover. The
resulting film takes the viewer on a trip through
a number of public spaces in Hannover´s
metropolitan area. Devised as a series of
portraits with varying urban qualities,the film
dwells not only on the visible urban attributes
but also on the activities and connectedness that
´make-up´ a public space. Undertaking an array of
spatial explorations, the film seeks to find out
as to what kinds of interference or interventions
can activate public place(s).

Klaus W. Eisenlohr was born in 1961 in
Tuttlingen, Germany, and has been living in
Berlin since 1989. He studied in Berlin and
Chicago and was fellow at HIAP in 2006. The main
focus of his works, many of which have received
grants, is in photography, experimental film and
media art. His art is mainly concerned with the
relationship of the body to architecture and

Many thanks to Oliver Whitehead, Jaakko Rustanius
and Kari Yli-Annala for making this possible.

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