Re: Experiments in Cinema V5.1 still seeking submissions

From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 30 2009 - 21:50:53 PST

I open and fill in PDF's in Photoshop, or Illustrator. The latter is
easier, 'cos you have less clicking to do after you fill each line
with text. In PS you have to click a different tool, then back on
text, or else it clears your text... very annoying.

But Illustrator is an easy way to fill in PDF forms.

Either way, you have to open the document a couple times, i.e. once
per page, and save as whatever1, whatever2, etc. You can also cut and
paste your blurb and other BS into the form, instead of writing by hand.

Cutting and pasting to word, on the other hand, ensures a mess, or a
waste of time formatting to look nice - and won't they hate it even if
you format it nice, if it's not the same as every other form...

I agree, not everyone has illustrator (nor should they), though I
assume the free GIMP will do the same job.

But come on, you grumpy old farts, if you take offence at the
instructions on a form, it MIGHT be a sign of creeping senility.

"Those darn forms in my day and age never had to be no typed... who do
these things think they is, IBM or sump'n?"




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