Looking for print of D.D. Griffith's "Man's Genesis"

From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 06 2009 - 08:11:08 PDT

Hi all,

Iım trying to do a show with Tom Gunning at Los Angeles Filmforum on
November 15 on "Griffith in California."

These are the Biograph titles thus far:
The Female of the Species
The Sands of Dee
The Unchanging Sea
The New Dress
The Massacre
Deathıs Marathon (maybe, if we can't find the following)

We're looking for a print of Griffith's "Man's Genesis" (1912) to include.
I have had no luck with the following. Some have it but no prints for loan
thus far:

UCLA Film & Television Archive
Academy Film Archive
Library of Congress
David Shepard
Canyon Cinema
Film-makers Coop

MOMA does have one but it is both beat up (by their own admission) and
prohibitively expensive for us ($200 rental and $200 handling for a 17
minute film, since it is coming from the archive, not the circulating film

We don't want to screen from DVD.

Would any of you have one or know of any leads? A private collection would
be fine.


Best regards,


Adam Hyman
Los Angeles Filmforum
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