The Return of the Experimental Film Club --- starting October 25th

From: Experimental Film Club (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 06 2009 - 04:38:43 PDT

After a three month hibernation, the Experimental Film Club is returning
with three new programmes in October and November (and a new logo).

We've been doing a lot of thinking these past few months, and in an effort
to maintain the Experimental Film Club as an inventive and sustainable
project, we are looking to link up with likeminded artists, curators and
organisations. These three programmes will be the first of many experimental
collaborations in this direction.

   - October 25th: In partnership with the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival
   (DEAF), we'll be presenting a special screening of Irish filmmaker Moira
   Tierney's recent collaboration with the "Maison des Cineastes" group in

   - November 15th: In collaboration with artists and curators Chris
   Fite-Wassilak and Gavin Murphy, we will be presenting a programme of
   "flicker" films inspired by their "Automatic" exhibition, currently on in
   Pallas Contemporary Projects until November 21st.

   - November 29th: Our final programme of the year is guest curated by
   Daniel Fitzpatrick, co-director of the Kilruddery Silent Film Festival, and
   will explore representations of technology within experimental cinema.

And next year? Well, this depends on you. There many ways you can show your
support. This can mean showing up and buying a ticket, but also leaving
comments on our blog, emailing us your thoughts and helping spread the word
about our screenings.

We would also like to remind everybody that we are open to suggestions for
future programmes as well as proposals by potential guest curators. And
we're always looking for extra hands putting up posters and preparing for
screenings, so let us know if you would like to help in anyway.

More information on each programme will follow closer to the dates.

Hope to see you there!


( The Experimental Film Club is organised by Aoife Desmond, Alan Lambert,
Esperanza Collado and Donal Foreman. They are each involved in different
aspects of filmmaking and share a desire to create a forum for the
exploration of diverse and often neglected film works. It is perceived that
there are a large number of people interested and engaged in aspects of
experimental filmmaking in Dublin but no meeting point to build on this
shared interest and knowledge. The club is open to all and will present a
different programme of screenings each month. )

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.