Re: Gregory Markopoulos and colour

From: Fred Camper (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 26 2009 - 19:03:46 PDT

"Monochromatic triad," which does not seem to be commonly used phrase,
seems to mean that the only color seen is red. Would not blue, black
and white and green, black, and white, then also be "monochromatic

Quoting "Filippou, Eleni" <email suppressed>:

> ... Markopoulos uses mainly three colours, black, white and red...

I have not seen any of the parts of "Enaios," but I cannot think of a
single Markopoulos film I have seen in which red is the dominant color
along with black and white. In "Twice a Man," Gammelion," "The Illiac
Passion," "Sorrows," "Psyche," and many others, blue and/or green seem
more predominant than red, in terms of color per screen area over
time. Of course red is present brilliantly in "Twice a Man," but it's
hardly the "main" color. I remember "Swain" as predominantly yellow.
What are the mostly red, black, and white Markopoulos films?

Fred Camper

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