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From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 11 2009 - 17:37:19 PDT

I have to disagree with this take that naked children on screen in the
late 60s would have immediately elicited cries of child sex and other
illegalities, and as such, Brakhage was somehow condemned by anyone at the time for
This kind of rabid reaction is a new phenomenon, fostered by nutcase clowns
 like Nancy Grace and others in our now near-fascist mass media.
If you look at old film and photography magazines, there are all sorts of
pictures of family and child nudity in them, and no one went nuts about it.
We are living in really crazy times nowadays, where everyone wants to make
everyone culpably guilty of absolutely everything. So don't anyone project
our present day psychosis and fear back on a much more creative era, one
that had-- I dare say it-- fewer "hangups" and hatreds.
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maybe his life does but thats' his choice

i didn't think it was possible
but i dislike woody allen even more now

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