Re: film processing in NYC

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Aug 18 2009 - 14:01:28 PDT

I'm lost-- you vowed never to use them again, but then you did?
I hate Fotokem. Three reasons:
1) They are vehemently non-union.
2) They ruined 400 feet of B/W negative I took them back when they were on
Cahuenga-- processed it as reversal-- and then were a-holes about it and
wouldn't replace the film.
3) When they moved to Burbank, they COMPLETELY destroyed a beautiful
art-deco 1936 airstream building on Olive Ave., with porthole windows and
everything, by remodeling the facade into a mid-70s monstrosity.
No class and no excuse for that debacle. It would be a gem now if they had
kept it vintage. Really nutty to do.
Jim Carlile
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When I was 19 I finished a 2 minute 3-10 cel layer sync sound
animation shot all in the camera as I had no money to edit it, and
FotoKem lost it and gave me 2 new rolls of film. I vowed never to use
them again and never to use film again. So I have a wonderful job
working with computers for animation and editing, but I finish to film
whenever possible and have not only sent my film to FotoKem but also
worked there and enjoyed it. Support your local creative labs, but
know the bigger ones can have their place too...

Joe Gill
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