From: Erik Lavesson (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 03 2009 - 06:32:01 PDT

Hi all,

I will arrange a series of screenings on the topic of shapeshifting in
Stockholm, there will also be additional plastic works in the context and an
essay or shorter text on shapeshifting aswell. I'm thinking that I'll screen
two rather conventional feature lengths, but I would also want to have some
shorts and/or experimental works that adress the topic. Now, I don't have a
institutional framework to rely on, so it would be nice with suggestions
that has a certain degree of accessibility.., but then again, everything is
welcome! I considered these feature lengths, so you could see where I'm
comin from on this..

*Pan si dong (1967)

Cocoon (1985)

Ugokie kori no tatehiki (1933)

The Thing (1982)*
"The Twilight Zone" Episode: The Fugitive (1962)

Cat People (1942)

Ching Se (1993)

The Company of Wolves (1984)

Dust Devil (1992)

Teen Wolf (1985)
Thanks in advance,
All the best,


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