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Date: Mon Jul 13 2009 - 14:08:11 PDT

Dear Gail,
I thought she might be in failing health (she was 78) because Jonathan
suggested we had to have the Chick Strand program this season. I've
written him to turn it into a tribute and post a self-congratulatory
announcement of our rededication of the program in her memory. I've
actually never seen any of her films and in fact I thought she was a he.
Best Wishes


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Had a lovely time with her some years back when Film Arts was
administering the Phelan Art Awards in Film. She came up and spent a
few days here and we did screenings and a party at the Art Institute.
We also did an extensive interview for the then-Film Arts Magazine with
her head filling the entire cover of the mag. I have a copy still in my


On Jul 13, 2009, at 12:31 PM, Adam Hyman wrote:

        I just received word from her son that Chick Strand died on
Saturday 11

        A marvelous and inspirational filmmaker and person, the artful
person whom
        one was always delighted to see. May we all screen some of her
films soon
        in tribute and in astonishment, to revel in their beauty and
insight and
        grace, and to continue her legacy.

        Adam Hyman
        Los Angeles Filmforum

        From her son:

        To All

        (Sorry if you are someone who probably should not have received
this but
        I just grabbed everyone from her address book)

        My mom Chick Strand (Mildred Muller) passed away Saturday
afternoon due
        to her cancer. Her wish was to to do so at her adored home and
        with me, and her beloved dog "Tigo". We have discussed this for
years due
        to her enduring so many health issues over the last 10 years. I
        glad I was able to give her that final request. As much has she
        ready to go her inner strength kept her going much too long than
        expected. On her request medicine for pain was only given
towards the
        end, finally I felt it was necessary. She was one tough lady and
is now
        a legend with the Hospice nurses and Home Care Givers.

        It is a great loss to us all. Not only was she my mom but my
        friend. She was a great mom who would do anything to help me and
did so
        on many occasions. My sister "Naja" and I were always her number
        priority. She was my teacher, adviser, and safety net on so many
        She taught me to be strong, independent, determined, righteous,
        adventurous, think things through, and be creative, all in an
        way; all the qualities she had. Through this process I have
learned how
        much she was loved and admired by you all and that she impacted
so many.
        I am sorry for your loss as well.

        Early on she wanted to break off contact with everybody and I am
        for those of you who never had a chance to say goodbye. The last
        or so she was pretty incoherent so I was unable to relay much of
        anything to her. This has been a very difficult journey for me
so I must
        send this "To All" e-mail, I am feeling pretty raw right now and
it is
        difficult for me to discuss on the phone and have many things to
        with. At some point I hope to talk to you all or exchange more
        e-mails individually. Please pass this on to anyone who should
        Also please respond to my e-mail below.

        There is no service planned per mom's request. She will be
        and I will mix her and Marty's (the love of her life) ashes
together in
        an infinity box, together again, at last.

        Eric Strand
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