Re: Chick Strand Is at Peace

From: Gail Silva (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 13 2009 - 13:52:14 PDT

Had a lovely time with her some years back when Film Arts was
administering the Phelan Art Awards in Film. She came up and spent a
few days here and we did screenings and a party at the Art
Institute. We also did an extensive interview for the then-Film
Arts Magazine with her head filling the entire cover of the mag. I
have a copy still in my basement.

On Jul 13, 2009, at 12:31 PM, Adam Hyman wrote:

> I just received word from her son that Chick Strand died on
> Saturday 11
> July.
> A marvelous and inspirational filmmaker and person, the artful
> person whom
> one was always delighted to see. May we all screen some of her
> films soon
> in tribute and in astonishment, to revel in their beauty and
> insight and
> grace, and to continue her legacy.
> Adam Hyman
> Los Angeles Filmforum
> From her son:
> To All
> (Sorry if you are someone who probably should not have received
> this but
> I just grabbed everyone from her address book)
> My mom Chick Strand (Mildred Muller) passed away Saturday afternoon
> due
> to her cancer. Her wish was to to do so at her adored home and garden,
> with me, and her beloved dog "Tigo". We have discussed this for
> years due
> to her enduring so many health issues over the last 10 years. I am
> glad I was able to give her that final request. As much has she was
> ready to go her inner strength kept her going much too long than
> anyone
> expected. On her request medicine for pain was only given towards the
> end, finally I felt it was necessary. She was one tough lady and is
> now
> a legend with the Hospice nurses and Home Care Givers.
> It is a great loss to us all. Not only was she my mom but my best
> friend. She was a great mom who would do anything to help me and
> did so
> on many occasions. My sister "Naja" and I were always her number one
> priority. She was my teacher, adviser, and safety net on so many
> levels.
> She taught me to be strong, independent, determined, righteous,
> adventurous, think things through, and be creative, all in an
> unassuming
> way; all the qualities she had. Through this process I have learned
> how
> much she was loved and admired by you all and that she impacted so
> many.
> I am sorry for your loss as well.
> Early on she wanted to break off contact with everybody and I am sorry
> for those of you who never had a chance to say goodbye. The last month
> or so she was pretty incoherent so I was unable to relay much of
> anything to her. This has been a very difficult journey for me so I
> must
> send this "To All" e-mail, I am feeling pretty raw right now and it is
> difficult for me to discuss on the phone and have many things to deal
> with. At some point I hope to talk to you all or exchange more
> personal
> e-mails individually. Please pass this on to anyone who should know.
> Also please respond to my e-mail below.
> There is no service planned per mom's request. She will be cremated
> and I will mix her and Marty's (the love of her life) ashes
> together in
> an infinity box, together again, at last.
> Eric Strand
> email suppressed
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