Re: collage film history

From: Esperanza Collado (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 30 2009 - 08:59:39 PDT

Thank you, Jeanne, for these conclusive notes and nice comments.
You are right, what I said about temporal linearity is ambiguous. What I
meant wasn't referring to the representation of an enchainment of events
unrolling in time, but the duration of a film from start to end. This is, I
believe, lineal in the materialist or physical sense of the word - a
progression or consecution of frames. Perhaps this could be seen as having
more to do with space rather than time, although, specially with film, it's
often hard to separate them, no?
I insist on Vertov's writings, which could be quite clarifying regarding
time and space plasticity in relation to montage and collage-like

I shall say that the beauty of this thread might lay on the fact that it
doesn't fit a "solid academic reference".

Voilá, I can't help it...



2009/6/30 Jeanne LIOTTA <email suppressed>

> I love this thread!
> Agreed Esperanza, 'breed'. But re: the original query <Dr. Wees , on
> historical differences between cinematic montage and cinematic collage> it
> seems the ways in which the terms are different might be a richer vein to
> mine than the ways in which they are similar.
> for ex: the excellent term 'montage' gets you higher, due to it's etymology
> already embedded with labor and furthering the revolutionary cause of
> artist-as-worker, re our good friend Eisenstein as beautifully cited by
> Esperanza.
> Not that any of this fits the "solid academic reference" called for.
> I for one am somewhat nervous about 'firsts' since I was properly
> admonished by Tom Gunning once after giving a talk on J.Cornell where I
> referred to Rose Hobart as the first intentional cinematic collage, and he
> gently suggested I amend that to, "perhaps among the first". Duly noted.
> Am reminded of this by Bruce C's post in discussing the Hungarian artist
> heretofore unknown to me, it never ends...
> I dont understand the part about how time is linear in film.
> ?
> I really thought it was just the opposite--space is linear, time isn't.
> your comrade and idiosyncratic scholar
> jeanne
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