This week [June 27 - July 5, 2009] in avant garde cinema

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This week [June 27 - July 5, 2009] in avant garde cinema

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Warren County Library Film Festival (Blairstown, NJ, USA; Deadline: August 01, 2009)
Strange Beauty Film Festival (Durham, North Carolina USA; Deadline: November 15, 2009)
Boulder International Film Festival (Boulder, CO USA; Deadline: September 01, 2009)
MUSEEK (Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Deadline: September 01, 2009)

International Pantheon Xperimental Film & Animation Festival 8.0 (Nicosia, Cyprus; Deadline: July 31, 2009)
Ellensburg Film Festival (Ellensburg, WA, USA; Deadline: July 03, 2009)
Betting on Shorts (London; Deadline: July 01, 2009)
L'Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain; Deadline: July 01, 2009)
OFF: Oblò Film Festival, a true-school indie film festival (Lausanne, Switzerland; Deadline: July 01, 2009)
WPA Experimental Media Series 2009 (Washington DC; Deadline: August 01, 2009)
7th International Short Film Festival "Wie wir Leben!/The Way We Live!" - Filmmmuseum Munich (Munich, Bavaria, Germany; Deadline: July 10, 2009)
The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (Calgary, AB CANADA; Deadline: June 30, 2009)
International Short Film Festival Winterthur (Switzerland; Deadline: July 31, 2009)
Images Festival (Toronto CANADA; Deadline: July 15, 2009)
Bolzano ShortFilmFestival (Bolzano, ITALY; Deadline: June 30, 2009)
Make the Trailer of Unfaithful (new york; Deadline: August 01, 2009)
Canadian Filmmaker Distribution Centre (CFMDC) (Toronto; Deadline: July 10, 2009)
Warren County Library Film Festival (Blairstown, NJ, USA; Deadline: August 01, 2009)
abstracta (roma; Deadline: June 30, 2009)
Coney Island Film Festival (Brooklyn, NY, USA; Deadline: July 10, 2009)

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 * Urban Shorts - Long Film Night [June 27, Berlin, Germany]
 * Robert Frank Retrospective: Program 7 [June 27, San Francisco, California]
 * Essential Cinema- Ron Rice Program [June 28, New York, New York]
 * Essential Cinema- Sunrise: Fw Murnau [June 28, New York, New York]
 * Special Henry Hills Dvd Release Event [June 28, New York, New York]
 * Tregor Film Fest [July 3, Lannion, France]
 * Los Angeles As A Character [July 3, San Francisco, California]

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Berlin, Germany: 48-STUNDEN-NEUKÖLLN
23:00–03:00 (11pm through 3am), Passage Kino, Karl-Marx-Straße 131, 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

  The major theme of 48-STUNDEN-NEUKÖLLN, the annual art festival in the
  Berlin borough of Neukölln, is the relations of city–nature–man.
  Consequently, the term urbanity became an essential aspect of this
  year's programming for the Long Film Night. The selection was drawn from
  direct submissions and in collaboration with interfilm and the Urban
  Research Program. The Long Film Night presents a three hours program of
  short narrative, experimental and documentary films. °*--*° Interfilm as
  a film distribution offers ca. 300 films for rentals. Theme oriented
  short film programs and programme pictures are the main focus of the
  program. In addition, the nerve centre at Tempelhofer Damm organizes the
  annual short film festival interfilm. °*--*° Urban Research brings
  together films of artists who work with experimental and documentary
  means on issues of urbanity and public space. Since 2005, Klaus W.
  Eisenlohr is dedicated to this program and selection as part of the
  contemporary art and media platform Directors Lounge. °*--*°°*--*°
  Zwischen vier und sechs, Corinna Schnitt – Deutschland 6:25 °*--*°
  K.I.L.L., Thorsten Fleisch – Deutschland 3:40 °*--*° Abwärts, Gerhard
  Tietz – Deutschland 6:26 °*--*° Mehmet, Ulrike Böhnisch – Türkei 11:00
  °*--*° Whirr, Timo Katz – Deutschland 2:23 °*--*° jenen, die...,
  Christian Schnalzger – Deutschland 14:35 °*--*° Daily, Astrid Menze –
  Deutschland 1:00 °*--*° Funkel, Patrik Metzger – Deutschland 15:24
  °*--*° pavement, Aline Helmcke – Deutschland 1:27 °*--*° Die
  Selbstheilung meines Fahrrades Dagie Brundert – Deutschland 3:31 °*--*°
  Von Karstadt, Petra Dumpe – Deutschland 36:00 °*--*° When Nature Calls,
  Jeremy Roberts – England 0:25 °*--*° Peter Grosshauser
  »Entschleunigung«, Nico Hertweck – Deutschland 6:26 °*--*° Tale of
  ordinary Sadness, Jonathan Peters – Deutschland 4:00 °*--*° Blumenthal,
  Karola Schlegelmilch – Frankreich 7:30 °*--*° "für dich", Hanna Salzer –
  Deutschland 7:00 °*--*° Der Himmel über dem Alexanderplatz, Klaus W.
  Eisenlohr – Deutschland 12:00 °*--*° Collosiaeus Urbanus Polyphagus,
  Doris Freigofas – Deutschland 3:00 °*--*° Macht Strukturen, Verena Grimm
  – Mexico 2:31 °*--*° Hello Antenna, Anna Samoylovich/Veronika
  Samartseva, – Deutschland 4:00 °*--*° homo ludens, Thilo Droste/Petra
  Lottje, – Deutschland 0:90 °*--*° En Construction, Julie Meyer –
  Frankreich/Deutschland 4:30 °*--*° Unsere Grenzen, Thomas Adamicka –
  Deutschland 21:00 °*--*° °*--*° °*--*° °*--*°

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
3pm, 151 3rd Street - Phyllis Wattis Theater

  See June 25th for description

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2009

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
5:00pm, 32 second Avenue

  SENSELESS 1962, 28 minutes, 16mm "Consisting of a poetic stream of
  razor-sharp images, the overt content of SENSELESS portrays ecstatic
  travelers going to pot over the fantasies and pleasures of a trip to
  Mexico...highly effective cutting subtly interweaves the contrapuntal
  development of themes of love and hate, peace and violence, beauty and
  destruction." –David Brooks THE FLOWER THIEF 1960, 59 minutes, 16mm.
  Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with support from the National Film
  Preservation Foundation. Starring Taylor Mead. "In the old Hollywood
  movie days movie studios would keep a man on the set who, when all other
  sources of ideas failed (writers, directors), was called upon to 'cook
  up' something for filming. He was called The Wild Man. THE FLOWER THIEF
  has been put together in memory of all dead wild men who died unnoticed
  in the field of stunt." –R.R. Total running time: ca. 90 minutes.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:00pm, 32 second Avenue

  SUNRISE by F.W. Murnau 1927, 95 minutes, 35mm. Murnau's first American
  film is an allegory set in no particular time or place, about a man who
  is temporarily overruled by his passions, inflamed by the power of evil
  as personified by the city woman, and who finally returns to his senses
  and the orderly family life of the country. It is a virtuoso exercise
  representing the expressiveness of the silent film as it neared its end.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30pm, 32 second Avenue

  SPECIAL HENRY HILLS DVD RELEASE EVENT Filmmaker in person! Reception to
  follow. Moving to New York in 1978, filmmaker Henry Hills formed a
  strong alliance with the Downtown music improvisers and the "Language"
  poets, guiding his film work toward a rhythmic, multilayered world
  filled with unpredictable changes and a striking improvisational edge.
  At long last, his uncompromising shorts are being released on DVD,
  courtesy of John Zorn's equally radical TZADIK label. This show includes
  the very best of Hills's wonderfully intense films – from the downtown
  all-star-filled MONEY to structural dance films like LITTLE LIEUTENANT
  and BALI MÉCANIQUE. A major force in new cinema, these films are
  brilliantly visual, crammed with image and double meaning. PORTER
  SPRINGS 3 (1977, 7 minutes, 16mm, color, silent) KINO DA! (1980, 2
  minutes, 16mm, b&w, sound) MONEY (1984, 14 minutes, 16mm, color, sound)
  SSS (1988, 6 minutes, 16mm, color, sound) GOTHAM (1990, 3 minutes,
  video, b&w, sound) GOA LAWAH (1992, 5 minutes, 16mm, color, sound) BALI
  MÉCANIQUE (1992, 11 minutes, 16mm, color, sound) LITTLE LIEUTENANT
  (1994, 6 minutes, 16mm, color, sound) PORTER SPRINGS 4 (1999, 15
  minutes, 16mm, color, sound) ELECTRICITY (2007, 7 minutes, video, color,
  sound) FAILED STATES (2008, 10 minutes, video, color, sound) Total
  running time: ca. 90 minutes.

FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2009

Lannion, France: Tregor Film Fest
July 3-5 - all day!, Bowling L'Eclipse Zone commerciale le Lion de Saint Marc 22300 Lannion

  Cool films for interesting people.

San Francisco, California: Artists Television Access
8:00 PM, 992 Valencia Street

  Los Angeles as a Character is a one-night only screening (July 3, 2009,
  8:00 PM) at the Artists' Television Access that will showcase
  experimental, documentary, and narrative short films and videos with the
  city of Los Angeles as a peripheral or central theme, backdrop or
  character. 13 films were chosen for the screening, ranging from fifteen
  year old Mason Shefa's experimental look at the neon landscape of
  Hollywood at night in Memories of an Undefined Image, (2007) to Donlee
  Brussell's award-winning, Intoxicated Demons, (2005) a darkly comedic
  "love letter to counter culture LA." Other films include Valentina
  Martin's, Iris:Los Angeles, (2005) an experimental "poem" described as
  an "open letter of praise" to the city; and visiting program curator
  Charles Doran presents the S.F. premiere of Westsider, (2007) a black
  comedy portraying the downfall of an arrogant, Frank Gehry-obsessed
  architect. Other films include: Dance, Eli, Dance – teenage director Ava
  Hess focuses on the various neighborhoods of Los Angeles as her
  protagonist dances from downtown L.A. to Venice beach. Hair Cowboy
  (2008) - dir. Patrick Robins' documentary about a cooler-than-thou
  homeless hair stylist on Melrose Blvd. I Remember Venice (2008) – dir.
  Will O'Loughlen – a short film-poem about a day in Venice California,
  shot in a single afternoon in March, 2007. Moose…Indian (2006) – dir.
  Nicholas Kokich – on a desperate quest, a lonely man travels a fantastic
  voyage by bike through the city of Los Angeles. Mr. Freeway (2008) –
  dir. Kenneth Hughes – an ambitious short following a man running on the
  freeway in a search for his "other" while an original version of Carmina
  Burana plays in the background. Palm Tree Song Line (2008) –
  Berlin-based artist Dagie Brundert showcases her fascination with one of
  L.A.'s most notable features. Roger (2007) – former ATA volunteer
  Jennifer Stefanisko directs a narrative short about a Silverlake
  musician trying to write a song amidst daydreams, freak outs, visions
  and visitors. Rollingman (2000) – dir. Mike Sakamoto – an isolated man
  comes up with a singularly bizarre idea to make his existence palatable.
  Some Los Angeles Apartments and a Dorm – dir. Laura Daroca – Past and
  present collide; time and space collapse; and fact and fiction intersect
  with images of Los Angeles residential buildings once inhabited by a
  young woman. More information on the films and filmmakers can be found

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