MIchael Jackson at the splicing block

From: Mark Webber (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 27 2009 - 01:54:51 PDT


"As the resident music-head at a Hollywood film production company, I
was tapped to design a music video for Michael Jackson and his
brothers in 1980 [...] After a brainstorming session and a riveting a
cappella performance of the song by Michael at the kickoff meeting
(featuring some gravity-defying dance moves that, alas, predated moon-
walking), I was asked to take Michael on a tour of the production
facilities at the company, Robert Abel & Associates.

"As we walked through the facility's maze of hallways, camera rooms,
and special-effects labs, we encountered the chief film editor, Rick
Ross, who was cutting and splicing a TV commercial. Rick was wearing a
short white cotton glove on his left hand as he ran the film through
his fingers, looking for the yellow grease-pencil marks he had made on
various frames of film to be edited. To have a little green box of
these disposable gloves sitting on the editing bench was standard
practice for film editors in those days.

"Michael, who hadn't shown any particular enthusiasm for the tour so
far, seemed suddenly transfixed by the glove and politely asked a
number of questions about it, concluding with, "Could you spare one?"
But of course.

"The rest, they say, is HIStory."

(John Kehe, Christian Science Monitor)

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