Re: not bleach

From: James Cole (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 05 2009 - 21:40:55 PDT

Nail polish remover can strip the paint off a car; if you leave it on your
film for more than a couple seconds it will eat through the base and leave
the film unprojectable. That said, you can use nail polish to coat parts of
your film, bleach off the parts that you want gotten rid of, and then use
the nail polish remover to remove the nail polish, leaving your image in
those parts.

But again, don't leave the nail polish remover on for any longer than a
second or two.

On Sat, Jun 6, 2009 at 12:12 AM, Jason Cortlund
<email suppressed>wrote:

> I'm pretty sure I've tried nail polish remover in the past and that also
> has
> some effect.
> I've used Fantastik. Cool stuff can happen, but it makes me cough.
> Straight bleach is too strong and will wipe out everything in one fell
> splash. But, you can dilute bleach with water for a more controlled (and
> less noxious) demulsifier (I'm just making that word up).
> I strongly recommend working in a well ventilated place with any of these
> options.
> (Viva Helen Hill!)
> Jason Cortlund
> BK, NY
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