Re: 16mm upper loop problem on an SSL-O

From: Douglas Mclaren (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 14:58:09 PDT

How new is the film? And how long has it been running as a loop? Does
the projector shut down when things get wonky (does it engage the top
loop killswitch almost immediately)?

My first inclination is to agree with you on sprocket damage causing a
hang-up on the gear. But it could be an issue with the killswitch -
its hard to tell from your description, however.

I must say though, in my experience Eikis always seem to have some
kind of problem with the top loop...


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On May 28, 2009, at 2:18 PM, Pablo de Ocampo wrote:

> hello folks.
> Having no luck trouble shooting a film path problem I am having on
> an Eiki
> SSL-O and wanted to see if anyone has any ideas.
> The projector is currently running a loop with a top mounted looping
> mechanism of unknown origin (german), though it is similar in design
> the the
> ones nowhere lab in london produces.
> It seems like the upper loop is having problems forming properly, or
> maintaining proper tension. As the film is coming off the first
> sprocketed
> roller, it’s getting caught up, like the film is sticking to the
> sprocket
> roller and this snag is causing the upper loop to go crazy.
> My theory is that the sprocket holes of the film have worn in such a
> way
> that they are snagging on the sprocket wheel. You can actually feel
> small
> tears or stretches in the sprocket holes on the film. It could also
> be a
> slight alignment issue for the projector, but I took in a roll of
> fresh film
> today and it had no troubles at all running through the machine.
> Is there something else on the projector that could be causing this?
> Alignment of the rollers around the first sprocket wheel?
> Thanks in advance for any idears here.
> -p
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