16mm upper loop problem on an SSL-O

From: Pablo de Ocampo (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 28 2009 - 12:18:14 PDT

hello folks.

Having no luck trouble shooting a film path problem I am having on an Eiki
SSL-O and wanted to see if anyone has any ideas.

The projector is currently running a loop with a top mounted looping
mechanism of unknown origin (german), though it is similar in design the the
ones nowhere lab in london produces.

It seems like the upper loop is having problems forming properly, or
maintaining proper tension. As the film is coming off the first sprocketed
roller, it¹s getting caught up, like the film is sticking to the sprocket
roller and this snag is causing the upper loop to go crazy.

My theory is that the sprocket holes of the film have worn in such a way
that they are snagging on the sprocket wheel. You can actually feel small
tears or stretches in the sprocket holes on the film. It could also be a
slight alignment issue for the projector, but I took in a roll of fresh film
today and it had no troubles at all running through the machine.

Is there something else on the projector that could be causing this?
Alignment of the rollers around the first sprocket wheel?

Thanks in advance for any idears here.

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