Beyond Underground: HURRICANE

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Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 20:18:07 PDT

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HURRICANE - The life of an independent filmmaker
402 pages, creative non-fiction. Author J Rozezze
ISBN-10: 1440400792

** WARNING: Sex / Politics / Mature Themes **

"It's epic...a great piece of work." -- Michel Negroponte, filmmaker
"Gorgeous writing in there..." Tim Merrill, WireImage
"A very captivating read" - Rolando Dubioso Literary, Germany
"Make your own screens, use real bullets instead of squibs. I like
it."- Rich Richards, MovieProbe


Filmmaker J Rozezze began his second feature with no money, but with
high hopes after his successful first feature enjoyed a worldwide
theatrical release.

Now on the verge of bankruptcy after shooting his latest movie,
Rozezze sells the last of his possessions and bails from the USA in
one last desperate attempt to complete his latest picture--no matter
where it takes him.

In an unexpected swirling Hurricane of intrigue, sex, and divine
comedy that awaits, he hits the streets of Hanoi, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh
City, and Phnom Penh before finally settling in Cambodia. Down to his
last few dollars, he makes a final, Kurtzian "Devil Take All" gamble
to finish his movie at any cost

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