Doctor T and the Low String Ladies 119 Gallery, May 16

From: Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 19:21:54 PDT

Hi folks

I'm happy to announce this upcoming event with one new and two old
musical friends.

Doctor T and the Low String Ladies at a wonderful gallery and
performance space, 119 Gallery in Lowell, MA.

Doctor T -- Video Mixing
Karen (Wisterax) Langlie -- cello and electronics.
Glynis (Dragonwoman) Lomon -- cello and voice.
with special guest
Noam Sender -- Percussion, Voice, Ney

Glynis and Karen have been two of my favorite collaborators over the
last few years. Each is a stunning improvisational cellist, Karen
coming from an electronica and sound art background, while Glynis
plays what is often called "Energy Jazz", as befits her screen name
DragonWoman. I've been eager to do a performance with the two of them
together for quite some time.

I met Noam recently when he played with Chillgroove at a show I did
at the Lilypad in early April. He is a sensitive and sonically
imaginative player, and I decided that he would be an excellent
addition to this ensemble. Noam Sender performs with a variety of
ensembles in the Boston area.

8 PM $10 donation

Culinary note: There is an outstanding Cambodian restaurant next door
to the gallery.

119 Gallery,
119 Chelmsford St,
Lowell MA 01851

Brief Bio Note:

Doctor T (Emile Tobenfeld) has been performing visual improvisations
with live music since 1973. He has performed with musicians and bands
including The Lothars, New Language Collaborative, Ras Moshe, Neil
Leonard, Dennis Shafer, Todd Brunel, Dennis Warren, and many more. He
has also worked with dancers, including Claire Barratt and Joe
Burgio, and poet John Mulroooney. He performs frequently at venues
such as 119 Gallery in Lowell,

His improvisations feature DVD's of his own video, photography and
animation, which he mixes live in response to the sounds and actions
of the performers he is working with. His visual material explores
and blurs the boundary between realism and abstraction, and his
"Visual Music" performances combine imagery and music into a unified
immersive and evocative media experience.

Examples of his video art can be seen at

My photography can be viewed at
My videos can be viewed at
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