Elizabeth McAlpine show extended until May 16th

From: ELIZABETH McALPINE (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 08:05:15 PDT

E L I Z A B E T H M c A L P I N E


until 16 May, 2009

10 Northington Street
London WC1N 2JG
United Kingdom

Telephone 44 (0) 20 7404 9251
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Open Wednesday - Saturday
11 - 6pm and by appointment

Laura Bartlett Gallery is pleased to present Flatland, a solo exhibition by
British artist Elizabeth McAlpine that features new film sculptures and
two-dimensional works.
Taking its title from the book by Edwin A. Abbot, published in 1884, that
chronicles the adventures of a square entering worlds of multiple
dimensions, Elizabeth McAlpine¹s new works play with the structural relation
between the two dimensional picture plane and the three dimensional
architectural space that is integral to the medium of film.
McAlpine reduces the components of film to their simplest elements; light,
motion, screen and filmed image but these news works are just as concerned
with painting, sculpture and more specifically drawing.
Tilt (in 6 Parts), 2009 comprises of one reel of film, six Super 8mm
projectors and a steel supporting structure. The film is composed of white
filmed but Œempty¹ frames, except for a grouping of red frames that appear
every sixth of the way through the film. The film ribbon travels through
each projector producing six concurrent screens on the gallery wall. Acting
as a marker of both time and space, the red frame appears as punctuation,
heightening ones sense of the films temporal and surface qualities. As it
rises and falls through the structure, the film reveals the traces of its
own activity, accumulating scratches and dust, changing as time passes. Tilt
(in 6 Parts) thus becomes an active drawing, producing a simultaneous
present and ever-developing self-portrait. This drawing becomes static in
the works #5 (Tilt/Red) and #4 (Tilt/Red), 2009 where a single selected film
frame has been fixed within a two-dimensional format.
In Pan (in 2 Parts), 2009, in the downstairs gallery space, McAlpine has
filmed a horizontal piece of string that cuts across the screen. Two
projectors are connected by a single loop of film, creating a split screen,
and, as the film travels from one projector to the next, the image flips to
create an interstitial moment between the two strings. There is a sense of
tension between the pair of screens as the strings fail to create an even
horizon line.
McAlpine here is interested in the doubling of an external constant within
the projection itself, refusing the possibility of submerging in the fictive
world of film, and thus exposing the mechanisms of film and presentation.
Born 1973, United Kingdom, Elizabeth McAlpine studied in London at
Goldsmiths College and the Slade. Previous solo exhibitions include Laura
Bartlett Gallery, Spacex, Exeter and Ballina Arts Center, Ireland.
Current and forthcoming exhibitions include Image Festival, Harbour Front
Centre, Toronto, Cui Prodest?, a group exhibition at New Galerie de France,
Paris, Double Object, a group exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery and EAST
International, Norwich.
Please contact the gallery for more information.


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MOB:07802 266669

FLATLAND Laura Bartlett Gallery, 10 Northington Street, London WC1N 2JG. 21
March ­ 2 May
Cui Prodest?, Group exhibition at New Galerie de France, Paris. 21 March - 7
Image Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto 4 March - 3 May

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