Re: printing in colour under an enlarger.

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 07:19:10 PDT

Good morning, Mat -

Here's a website that might help:
Scan down til you get to the VNF films.

Since 7250 was a colour reversal film, E6 process chems get you close to the actual cine lab process.
The C41 process was for colour negative stock, not "reversal" films.
E6 (reversal) chemicals have 2 important features:
   - the 1st developer is a high-contrast developer
   - E6 has a "Reversal" chemical bath which turns what would have been a negative in=mage into a projectable positive image.

C41 (neg) process has 2 important features:
   - the 1st developer is a low contrast developer (as all B&W and Colour develpers are. There is no 2nd developer stage.
   - There is no "reversal" chemical step because negative images (from whioch a positive print will be made in a separate step) are your wanted end point.

so if you cross process the VNF stock in C41,
   -You'll get a negative image,
   - it will be softer contrast than if you'd developed it straight,
   - there may be an all-over blue colouring on top of the image colours.

The VNF reversal stock wasn't capable of really strong colours, so any intense filter colours will come out weaker on the image.

Stick with E6 chems which are quite similar to what VNF 7250 would have been developed in.

Jeffrey Paull

On Tue 05/05/09 08:56 , mat fleming email suppressed sent:
> Hi all,
> I'm playing with filters under an enlarger and on top of film
> (contact printing). I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of
> this?
> So far I've used some old 7250 and tried E6 and C41 processing.
> With E6 i get really muted colours compared to what I'm laying
> over the film
> with C41 i get an intense midnight blue cast. Neither of these are
> unpleasant, but I'm just curious about whether there is a way of
> getting more faithful results.
> Any ideas?
> Mat
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