Re: VHS to digital

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 03 2009 - 18:46:21 PDT

Quoting Rajesh Barnabas <email suppressed>:
> The easiest option hooking up a DVD Player (that has a DVD
> record button on it) hooking that up to your VHS player. Then you can copy
> to DVD in one REALLY EASY STEP. Alot of DVD players have that option to
> record now and they are really cheap compared the inconvenience of all these
> other suggestions.

Using a DVDR (DVD recorder) is certainly the easiest way to convert
VHS, SVHS, or LDs to DVD. I have a DVDR with a HDD, and have done a
lot of that. But, in the US, at least, it is NOT the case that "A lot
of DVD players have the option to record now." DVDRs are fast
disappearing from the US. There is only one HDD model still available,
and just a few w/o HDD. None of these are nearly as good as the ones
commonly available just two years ago. Up until a couple of months
ago, there were some good Pioneer DVDRs available in Canada, but those
are gone now too. Also, DVDRs have never been as good at playing DVDs
as a good DVD player, because their feature set was designed for
recording, not playback.

Ken B., the guy who has compiled the most complete, and chronological,
set of Betty Boop DVDs in the world, using a DVDR!

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