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From: Fred Davidson (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 03 2009 - 18:07:57 PDT

The Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202
Events phone - 503.238.8899 or Message: 503.238.5588

May 6th through May 10th

Don't mention it.

On May 3, 2009, at 7:34 PM, Tony Conrad wrote:

> SO ANNOYING when there is no address (Let alone NO CITY!!!) listed.
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>> Hello Friends!
>> Our favorite five days of the year are just around the corner as PDX
>> Fest 2009 gears up for another extravaganza of awesome films and
>> videos from around the world. This year the festival will take place
>> May 6th - 10th at our new homebase - the fabulous Clinton Street
>> Theater [1]! We are head-over-heels excited about this year's
>> awesome line up of movies, visiting artists, video installations and
>> top secret surprises. For all the juicy details, check out our
>> brand-spanking-new website - [2] - where the
>> complete 2009 festival schedule is now live and online for your eager
>> eyes!
>> Festival highlights include:
>> _Co-presented by PDX Fest, NWFC and Cinema Project_
>> We are honored to open PDX Fest 2009 with a very special tribute
>> screening to California artist and filmmaker BRUCE CONNER
>> (1933-2008). Conner was the modern master of found footage
>> filmmaking. During his 40-year career—first as a pioneer of
>> assemblage art and then as a heralded moving-image maker—he created
>> a unique body of work that examined American society with wit and
>> clarity of vision. His carefully edited montage films, informed by
>> his sculptural practice, draw upon sources as varied as educational
>> films, newsreel footage and television commercials, finding new power
>> and associations in discarded or forgotten images. We welcome
>> SILVA, a representative of the Conner Family Estate, for this special
>> program of works that resonate in surprising ways with American
>> popular culture. _Clinton Street Theater May 6th, 7:30_
>> _Co-presented by Cinema Project_
>> PDX Fest is incredibly excited to welcome avant-garde filmmaking
>> veteran PEGGY AHWESH to Portland to present a mini-retrospective of
>> film and video works from throughout her 35+ year career. Aptly
>> described as a _bricoleur_, Peggy works in a combination of narrative
>> and documentary styles, improvisational performance, found footage,
>> noise and nonsense, utilizing a variety of obsolete, low-end and
>> arcane technologies. Peggy will be sharing some of her rarely
>> screened early super 8 work as well as some of her more recent forays
>> into the digital realm. Her work as an actor will also be on display
>> at the festival in _DELIVER_, JENNIFER MONTGOMERY’s all-woman
>> remake of _Deliverance_ (screening May 10th, 1PM). Peggy plays the
>> role made famous by Burt Reynolds in the original film. While in
>> town for the festival, Peggy will also be teaching a workshop on
>> techniques of improvisation for filmmakers (NWFC School of Film, May
>> 10th). _Clinton Street Theater May 8th, 7:30_
>> Featured Artist: Ben Coonley
>> An evening of pranks, postmodern revisions and 3D fun will be in
>> store as festival featured guest BEN COONLEY presents an entertaining
>> evening of his off the wall new media and video art pieces.
>> Ben’s work dismantles and rearranges texts and subtexts of
>> contemporary media culture, often to hilarious effect. Ben will
>> share selections from his varied body of work including the world
>> premiere of a documentary begun as a teenager in 1990 as well as a
>> new “avant-PowerPoint” performance! Ben will also be teaching a
>> Do It Yourself 3D moviemaking workshop over the weekend (NWFC School
>> of Film, May 9th). _Clinton Street Theater May 7th, 7:00_
>> We are very excited to present BRETT GAYLOR’s very timely feature
>> documentary exploring the concept of copyright in the era of Napster,
>> Bit Torrent and peer-to-peer file sharing. Using mash up artist GIRL
>> TALK as the film’s protagonist, Gaylor takes us on an enthralling
>> journey into the complex world of copyright protection in the midst
>> of a rising generation of steady downloaders. Serving as a rallying
>> cry for the pioneers of a new fair use culture of samplers, remixers,
>> and reinventors, _RiP! _is an entertaining, upbeat and downright
>> inspiring vision of an open source future. _Clinton Street Theater
>> May 7th, 9:00_
>> The Experimental Filmmaker Karaoke Throwdown! Take II! AT HOLOCENE
>> _Co-presented by Disjecta_
>> The Experimental Filmmaker Karaoke Throwdown is back for the sequel
>> to last year’s premiere event. After the raging success of last
>> year’s Throwdown – which featured a stand out performance of
>> Xanadu by TARA JANE O’NEIL as well as a full audience sing along to
>> Total Eclipse of the Heart – we are taking the party to Holocene
>> this year. We’re back with a brand new katalog of karaoke
>> klassics featuring homemade karaoke videos from our favorite
>> filmmakers including SHANA MOULTON, BEN RUSSELL, JEANNE LIOTTA, and
>> BRYAN BOYCE. Plus, we will also have RUSH-N-DISCO, HOOLIGANSHIP and
>> DJ BJ in the house to keep the party rockin’ till the breaka dawn.
>> Ahhhh Yeahhhhh! _Holocene May 8th, doors open at 9PM, 21+ _
>> The 2009 Peripheral Produce Invitational
>> The Peripheral Produce Invitational (dubbed the ‘World
>> Championship of Experimental Cinema’) will once again pit
>> filmmakers from Portland and beyond against each other in a
>> rock-em-sock-em, trash talkin’ competitive film showdown. Last
>> year’s reigning champ ORLAND NUTT is back to defend his title but a
>> gang of bloodthirsty challengers are ready to give him a run for his
>> money. Who will walk away with the trophy this year? With all the
>> filmmakers in attendance and the audience deciding who wins, you
>> never know what will happen in this battle-royale of experimental
>> film. Come join us and let your vote count in selecting this
>> year’s winner! _Clinton Street Theater May 9th, 8:30_
>> PDX Fest closes with a loud BANG as we present the Portland premiere
>> of DEBORAH STRATMAN’s new 16mm feature, _O’er The Land_. This
>> gorgeous experimental documentary has been wowing audiences from
>> Sundance to Rotterdam this year. Simultaneously a critique of
>> violence, a rumination upon our national psyche, and a ritualized
>> celebration of colossal forces beyond our control, Deborah
>> Stratman’s new film explores the ways Americans have come to
>> understand freedom and the increasingly technological reiterations of
>> manifest destiny. Combining high school Friday night football
>> games, Revolutionary War re-enactments, automatic weapon conventions,
>> and a gut wrenching story of survival by a fighter jet pilot,
>> Stratman has crafted a stunning and powerful portrait of our cultural
>> psyche._ Clinton Street Theater May 10th, 8:00_
>> For this year's PDX Fest, PETER BURR conjured a CARTUNE XPREZ
>> installation showcase featuring work by over 20 artists from around
>> the world. Featuring over 50 monitors, this program takes place in
>> three distinct parts equalling one heavy dose of the video-world
>> unraveled. Single channel video loops, interactive homemade video
>> games, and sculptural installation pieces all comprise this stunning
>> exhibition of modern psychedelia. Opening night party will feature
>> live musical performances and other surprises!
>> OPENING NIGHT PARTY: May 6th 7PM – 12AM with live performances
>> starting at 9PM
>> REGULAR VIEWING HOURS: May 7th – 24th from 12PM – 6PM, Thursday
>> through Monday
>> PLUS new films and videos from a ton of amazing filmmakers (many of
>> whom will be in attendance!) including LEE ANNE SCHMITT, MICHAEL
>> JENNIFER MONTGOMERY! PLUS PLUS workshops, parties, surprise
>> performances AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!
>> For the complete PDX Fest 2009 Schedule, ticketing info and last
>> minute updates head to: [4]
>> See you at the fest!!
>> xoxo
>> Team PDX
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>> This year's festival is funded in part by a generous grant from
>> The Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work For Art. For a full
>> listing of our awesome sponsors, please see the website and our
>> program!
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