Re: SFAI - What's happening?

From: d. olivier delrieu-schulze (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 21 2009 - 17:29:21 PDT


I hope that I'm not over expanding the direct concerns of this post, but it
resonates way too much with what is happening all over the country in higher
education to not say anything.Antioch College was closed two summers ago. I
mention Antioch in this context because as a place of experimentation and
alternative approaches; Antioch is where Paul Sharits and toNY Conrad taught
before coming here to Buffalo. And I strongly believe it was up until its
closing an important/interesting place for film and video work.

Right now former faculty, staff, students, and residents of Yellow Springs,
Ohio have continued the spirit of Antioch in an unaccredited institute
(Nonstop liberal arts institute which on many levels is reminiscent of Black
Mountain college -- EVEN the timing of sustaining alternative education at
the beginning of a recession)!

I'm just going to throw the idea out there:

If anyone is interested in meeting in yellow springs, ohio on the weekend of
the Nonstop Summer Alumni Festival: June 18-21, 2009 to talk about the role
of film and media arts in the academy and building support between
arts/activist communities please let me know!

Last summer we had a "Nonstop" graduation before anyone even had -- that is
-- if you show up in yellow springs you will already be alumni.


and again, i apologize if this was a bit off topic... but these struggles
are starting to sound too similar to not link together our ideas, resources,
and actions.

SUNY Buffalo
antioch '04

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> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 15:31:26 -0700
> From: Brett Kashmere <email suppressed>
> Subject: SFAI - What's happening?
> Apologies in advance if this subject has already been broached on
> and slipped past me, but I've recently learned of the San Francisco Art
> Institute's decision to fire nine tenured faculty members, including Janis
> Crystal Lipzin, who has been at the Institute for over 30 years. I'm
> wondering what we can do collectively and as individuals to address the
> situation. Steve Anker has written a very eloquent and impassioned letter
> that is now circulating, and which can be read here (along with some
> additional letters):
> Steve's letter is dated April 3rd. I'm curious what the administration's
> response has been since then, and if there are any other updates?
> Thanks,
> Brett Kashmere
> Oberlin College

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