funding for experimental cinema UK

From: Veronica Ibarra (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 09 2009 - 09:30:16 PDT

Hi all
Does anyone know any funding sources, grants, awards, etc in the UK for experimental film projects?
I haven't been able to find any.
The UK Film Council seems to only fund commercial cinema, and awards funded by the Arts Council only fund "artists working with the moving image". Any project proposed by a filmmaker will not be considered. This labels are annoying arbitrary to say the least.
 I went to the FLAMIN (Film London Moving Image Network) information session yesterday. I was explained that there are 2 types of filmmaking:"Art filmmaking" (the artist operates within the art world) and "film filmmaking" (film world).
They said experimental cinema sits on the latter. OK. Fine. Where is the available funding for a filmmaker who wants to make films for artistic reasons, and not for entertainment purposes?

Any comments would be appreciated

Thanks so much




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