From: Ekrem Serdar (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 25 2009 - 13:14:16 PDT

To the estimable Frameworker!

Come and experience FRAMPTONIA!

Everything and everyone is cordially invited to FRAMPTONIA! Buffalo’s two
part screening series celebrating Hollis Frampton, a legendary instructor in
the media studies department at the University at Buffalo. On April 24th, we
will be screening the newly restored prints of Hollis Frampton's seven part
“Hapax Legomena” followed by a presentation by Professor Michael Zryd (if
you don’t already know: a renowned Frampton scholar). The next day we’ll be
hosting the already iconic film’s of David Gatten; he’ll present his epic
series “The Secret History of the Dividing Line.”

An event to be sure!

Both screenings are free!

Hollis Frampton's Hapax Legomena
  w/ presentation by Prof. Michael Zryd
Friday, April 24th
5 o'clock

David Gatten's The Secret History of the Dividing Line
Saturday, April 25th
7 o'clock

Center for the Arts
Room 112
University at Buffalo's North Campus.

(For those who might be traveling far distances I would love to find a place
for you among the poets or filmmakers who reside in the nickel city! Just
pop-off an e-mail outside of frameworks and we can begin to unravel your

FRAMPTONIA! is generously supported by the Department of Media Study, the
Graduate Student Association, Subboard I, INC and the Graduate Student
Associations's for Media Study, Poetics and Visual Studies.

-Ekrem Serdar
<ekremserdar [at]>

-Scott Puccio
<steady.ulysses [at]>

-ekrem serdar
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