A screening of Works by SF Filmmaker K.Laitala...

From: Kerry Laitala (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 25 2009 - 12:44:17 PDT

LA Film Forum and Echo Park Film Center Presents:
Journey into Darkness: Some Films by Kerry Laitala
200 N. Alvarado Street LA CA
April 4th, 8PM, Only 5 Bucks!!
All will be screened on 16mm Film...

1.) A Fragment from a Lost Film- 16mm, 3 minutes, silent- 1992
2.)"Orbit"- 16mm, 9 minutes, hand-made soundtrack-2006
3.) “OUT OF THE ETHER”- 16MM, 11 Minutes, sound
4.)”Awake, But Dreaming” 16mm, 9 minutes -24 f.p.s. (optical Track)
5.) "Retrospectroscope"- 16mm, 5 minutes, silent, 1997
6.) "Hallowed"-16mm, 11 minutes, color, sound - 2002
7.) "Secure the Shadow...'Ere the Substance Fade"- 16mm, color, sound- 9 minutes 1997
8.) "The Adventure Parade"- 16mm Black, White & Blue, Silent, 5 minutes- 2000
9.) "Conquered"- 16mm, B&W & Color, 15 minutes, sound, 2000
If you're in this neck of the woods, come by, if not pass on the word.


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