Out of the Shadows Screening (Chicago)

From: Patrick Friel (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 24 2009 - 18:43:08 PDT

The Nightingale Presents:
OUT OF THE SHADOWS; Or, the Light is Just Around the Corner
Nightingale First Anniversary Show and Party & Rent-Screening for PF
Saturday, April 4, 2009 ­ Doors at 7:00pm / Screening at 8:00pm
At The Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.)
Plus ­ premiere of the new Nightingale trailer!
A special double-duty program: celebrating the first anniversary of The
Nightingale and a rent-screening for me (okay, we know itıs lame, but jobs
are few and money is tight). This show features several personal favorites
from the many hundreds (thousands?) of works Iıve been able to share with
Chicago audiences over the past thirteen years. Most of these have only
shown once in town, so here is a rare opportunity to catch up with or re-see
an eclectic selection of some strange and wonderful films and videos made
over the last twenty years or so. There may even be a few surprise bonus
works! - Patrick Friel
Module 1: Nature Vanquished
The Kiss (1999 , 5 mins., video, UK) John Smith and Ian Bourn.
A fragile blossom.
GT Granturismo (2001, 5 mins., video, Austria) Günther and Loredana
The ultimate splatter film transforms into Abstract Expressionism.
Naked (2005, 11 mins., video) Pawel Wojtasik.
Some animals are just plain creepy.
Module 2: Seeing Is Believing
Clut (2007, 5 mins., video, UK) Joe Gilmore and Paul Emery.
Hard-edged abstraction for the digital age.
Tabula Rasa (2004, 8 mins., video) Vincent Grenier.
The past revealed.
man.road.river (2004, 10 mins., video, Brazil) Marcellvs L.
The journey has just begun.
Module 3: Dis-Ease
letters, notes (2000, 4 mins., 16mm) Stephanie Barber.
Epistolary miniatures.
Anatomy of Melancholy (1999, 11 mins., 16mm) Brian Frye.
All the worldıs a stage.
Iıll Walk with God (1994, 8 mins, 16mm) Scott Stark.
The stars my destination.
Module 4: The State of Things
The World Is All That Is the Case (2003, 2 mins., video, Germany) Eva Teppe.
Hanging in the balance.
National Archive v. 1 (2001, 15 mins., video) Travis Wilkerson.
Death from above.
Module 5: The Kids Are Alright
My Name Is Paulo Leminski (2004, 5 mins. , video, Brazil) Cezar Migliorin.
Children should be heard and not seen.
Peggy and Fred in Kansas (1987, 11 mins., video) Leslie Thornton.
Future imperfect.
Admission: $10.00 (worth every penny; and, as we said, itıs a
Very Special Thanks to all of the artists screening!

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